Berlin meets the world – between the ends

16.05.2024, Berlin Capital Club

The event, organized by Hidden Treasures of Culture, focused on the theme of international cooperation despite existing competition and commemorated the significance of May 8 and September 3, 1945, as turning points in history.

The Embassy of Togo in talks with HTC

14.05.2024, Berlin

The Embassy of Togo in talks with HTC. An exchange on current issues took place.

HTC in the embassy of Zimbabwe

03.05.2024, Berlin

It was a great meeting at the embassy in Zimbabwe.

HTC at the event with the delegation from Yulin

25.04.2024, Berlin

Many insights and exciting exchanges characterized the event.

The hidden treasures of culture in Magdeburg for the New Year's reception 2024

New Year's Reception 2024, Magdeburg

The New Year's reception in 2024 in Magdeburg offered a lovely evening in a pleasant atmosphere.

ITB 2024: Air Freight and Logistics with Thailand's Prime Minister

07.03.2024, Berlin

Meeting Thailands Prime Minister & Delegation like Central Group, Thai Airways, Airport Administration and Trade Advisor at ITB 2024 today: Airfreight and Logistics and cooperation in focus.

Shaanxi in Berlin

05.03.2024, Chinese Cultural Center Berlin

The event 'Shaanxi in Berlin' for discovering the home of the Terracotta Army was a complete success! Visitors were impressed by the fascinating picture exhibition from Shaanxi and warmly welcomed by the province's delegation

Images: Marilyn Topp

Hidden Treasures with Messages in the Humboldt Forum

26.02.2024, Humboldt Forum in Berlin

Discover Hidden Treasures of Culture Alongside Various Messages at the Heart of Berlin's Humboldt Forum.

Images: Marilyn Topp

Berlin meets the World: Together and not against each other

23.02.2024, Berlin Capital Club

It was a successful evening with representatives from various embassies in Berlin and representatives from politics, business, art, and culture. More pictures will follow shortly.

Images: Marilyn Topp

Experience Vietnam

15.02.2024, Berlin

A journey with the Blue Dragon at the Capital Club Berlin: A wonderful charity and networking event hosted by Hidden Treasures of Culture, the German-Vietnamese Society, and the Children Foundation, with Vietnam's Ambassador, our former ambassadors to Vietnam such as Rolf Schulze and his wife, Angelika Pachl-Mix, Thailand's Royal Thai Trade Office Berlin, and many more. It was a delightful, charming event, reminiscent of the visit by the First Lady to a Blue Dragon project during a state visit.

Images: Marilyn Topp

Embassy of Usbekistan

21.12.2023, Berlin

Hidden Treasures of Culture visits the Embassy of Uzbekistan. Leader: H.E. Dilshod Akhatov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.

National Holiday Thailand

5.12.2023, Berlin

Hidden Treasures of Culture is a guest at the Thai National Day.

Mercedes-Benz Arena

04.12.–10.12.23, Berlin, Bayreuth, Erfurt, Zwickau, Frankfurt, München

Today at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin. Hidden Treasures of Culture visits the premises of the arena with the Ambassador of Liberia for a possible football event next year.

Oriental School Shenyang

04.12.–07.12.23, Berlin

Delegation: Oriental School Shenyang 

Al Farabi

02.12.–03.12.23, Berlin

Al Farabi "Experience music with children"

Thai Night with Thai Fruits

15.09.2023, Bode Museum Berlin

The enjoyment of culinary delights from Thailand in a neo-baroque ambience, accompanied by a Thai-German musical ensemble and many small surprises, combines tradition, present, future and above all enjoyment. A small festival of good taste and the stimulation of all senses in a large setting inspires, invigorates and lets you experience a lot. Old and new, just the way we like it.

Trade Delegation from Xian (China)

26.06. – 29.06.2023
Hidden Treasures of Culture had the honor to welcome the trade delegation from the Chinese metropolis Xi'an during their visit on June 27, 2023 in Berlin and to accompany them further the next day to Bayreuth, the Richard Wagner city of culture. The team thanks for the exciting insights into Xi'an's future planning and the subsequent exchange with the delegates.

CEO Skydive

Hidden Treasures of Culture and limits? Never ever. On May 20th Angelika Pachl-Mix, „the boss“ descends from heaven. That's the good news. Of course, we ask ourselves what happens if she gets angry and shoots up from the depths of hell? Joking aside. Angelika Pachl-Mix will jump out of an airplane at a height of 4000m equipped with a parachute and a very good „back office insurance“. The message? We remove efforts and obstacles out of the way. Any time. Any questions? Don't worry. We answer all of them. Free. For now.

CEO Birthday Party

A fascinating group of people gathered at the birthday party of the CEO of ‘Hidden Tresaures’, Angelika Pachl-Mix. The ambassadors of Monaco and Tadjikistan were in attendance, as well as Theophana Princess of Saxony. Many other creatives, such as the film-maker Nick Niemann and the actress Winnie Böwe, came along too. Prominent members of the business and law communities joined the guest-list. The excellent food and live jazz music contributed to a splendid evening. More to follow…

HTC – Opening

"Welcome to your very own treasure trove" was the title of the kick-off event of the "Hidden Treasures of Culture Projektgesellschaft mbH", which took place on 27.04.2028 in the premises of Prof. Dr. Byron Knutson. The guests of the evening were greeted in the premises by an ambience of pictorial and textile art, some of which originated in the Middle Ages, and beautiful, good-sounding old instruments. An incomparable fairy-tale experience! If you would also like to experience a fairy-tale event, come and visit us at one of our next events. We are looking forward to seeing you!