Majesty Weekend in Baden-Baden - April 2025
The “Majesty Weekend” promises to be an unforgettable experience that combines culture, sport and elegance.



The Ball

The opening event for the horse race with an Arabian flair is the ball on Friday evening at the casino, attended by high-ranking and famous personalities such as nobility and aristocracy.

The horse race and ball offer the audience an exclusive event in Baden-Baden.


Horse Race

1,000 visitors are expected. 224 horses will race on Saturday and Sunday. The highlight of the horse race is the Arabian horses, which are known to be among the fastest animals in the world.


About The Campaign

Our communication plan includes extensive advertising and press work to promote the Majesty Weekend to a wide audience and to spark interest in horses, beauty, elegance, and temperament. The horse race with an Arabian flair aims to establish itself as a series and become one of the most important horse races worldwide.